Recipe: Chop pepper, vermicelli, baby vegetable (steamed vegetables)

Home Cooking Recipe: Chop pepper, vermicelli, baby vegetable (steamed vegetables)


Occasionally try to taste the taste is not bad, very a dish for dinner



  1. The baby dish is washed in half and cut in half, then half cut 2 knives, equal to one can be cut into 6 parts, which is better

  2. Wash the red pepper and use a food processor to make a pepper, add salt and a little olive oil.

  3. In the steamer, first spread a layer of soft-smelling fans (fans cut, too long, not easy to clip) and then put on the doll dish, pour the pepper, steam on the steamer for about 12 minutes.


Steamed vegetables are the best preserved nutrients. If you think that the taste of the pepper is too heavy, you can change it to other seasonings, such as Sanxian, chicken sauce, which are delicious.

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