Recipe: Chocolate Strawberry Double Mousse Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Chocolate Strawberry Double Mousse Cake


This cake should be specially given to my brother. Happy 16th birthday Although I often get angry, I still thank you for being in your life. If you don’t say anything, you can’t say it. I will be happy again in the future. Talk about cake I really like the square cake very much now. So I bought a square mousse circle. There is a special dignified feeling. Haha This cake tastes quite hierarchical The bottom layer is a soft cocoa hurricane The middle layer is the strawberry mousse layer. It is made from fresh strawberries. So it tastes sour and sweet and natural. The top layer is the chocolate mousse layer. I use dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% so I have a bit of bitterness. Almonds are also added inside. So if you go down, you will eat sweet and sour three flavors and mixed with crispy nuts. Very tasty Worth a try I think I can even sprinkle a little cinnamon on it. The flavor must be very unique But it depends on the acceptance of the person who eats. In the injection material, 1 is the cocoa hurricane raw material, 2 is the strawberry mousse layer raw material, and 3 is the chocolate mousse raw material.



  1. Separate the egg white and the protein, and add the protein to 45 grams of sugar to dry foaming.

  2. Egg yolk added 25 grams of sugar to the color whitish, add oil and milk to beat evenly

  3. Mix the low-powder and cocoa powder in the egg yolk paste and mix well.

  4. Use a spatula to scrape a piece of protein into the egg yolk paste and mix well. Then mix all the egg white and egg yolk paste and mix evenly.

  5. Pour into the mold, remove the bubbles with a few shocks, and put it into the preheated oven for 160 minutes and 40 minutes.

  6. Put the whipped cream and sugar into the five or six distribution

  7. Stir the strawberry jam slightly into a soft gelatin and stir until melted. Add rum and mix well.

  8. Mix strawberry jam with light cream evenly

  9. Pour the strawberry mousse into the mousse ring of the cake and smooth it.

  10. Light cream and sugar to fight for five or six distribution

  11. Chocolate and butter melted in water, added with gelatin to melt with residual temperature, then add 45 grams of whipped cream, 30 grams of milk and then add cocoa powder to mix evenly

  12. Mix 1 and 2 evenly, add appropriate amount of almonds

  13. Remove the strawberry mousse from the refrigerator. At this point, it should be slightly solidified. Pour into the chocolate mousse layer and sprinkle with almonds on the surface. Continue to refrigerate for more than 2 hours.


The mousse circle I used is 20*20, so the mousse circle is not full after my amount is added. The two layers are thinner, so the smaller mousse ring can also fit in my recipe. Oh, the cake will be a bit thicker.

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