Recipe: Chocolate lollipop cakes (Fudgy cake pops)

Home Cooking Recipe: Chocolate lollipop cakes (Fudgy cake pops)


Newly entered the lollipop mold, the recipes in the kitchen are basically all foamed and powdered, and everyone reflects the bad taste; I first made it with the gentleman's Madeleine formula, big failure, sticking mold Not to mention the taste is also very dry! Once I wanted to put the mold into the cold palace, I suddenly found that the mold package came with a chocolate flavored recipe. I thought that the foreigner's supporting formula should be reliable. After the trial, I would like to be overjoyed, quick and easy to fail, and all the molds are easy to demould. It is a soft brownie taste! And no foaming, it is healthier! Never worry about eating in lollipops! Friends also come and try it! PS: Foreigners are sweet, the amount of sugar in the recipe has been reduced by 10g, the sweetness is just right; the foreign mold is larger, my ball diameter is 4cm, this amount is just a model-12. Baking reference: oven Middle and lower floors, 325F 15 minutes or so



  1. Preparation: 1. Make a pot of hot water; 2. Restore the egg to room temperature and break it up; 3. Apply mold to the mold, it is recommended to even smear the hemisphere; 4. Preheat the oven 325F

  2. Mix 65g dark chocolate and 60g butter, heat in the microwave for 1 minute until the butter melts, continue to stir the hot water until the chocolate is completely dissolved, and mix well with the butter;

  3. Pour the chocolate butter paste into a larger mixing bowl and add 65g of sugar to mix well;

  4. Sift 10g of cocoa powder and mix well;

  5. Add 50g whole egg liquid and stir evenly with egg;

  6. Sift through 45g of low-powder +1/8tsp salt and mix evenly with a squeegee;

  7. Put the batter into the flower bag (or a fresh-keeping bag, cut a mouth), squeeze into the mold (without the air hole), squeeze it, do not push too high, otherwise it will overflow the mold;

  8. Put it into the lower layer of the oven, 325F, about 15 minutes; after baking, cool for 5 minutes and then open the mold, gently push the edge of the ball to separate it from the mold, and then you can smoothly demould it!


1. About demoulding: Please choose the appropriate demoulding method according to your own mold;

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