Recipe: Chives fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Chives fried pork



  1. Amaranth to the tip of the flower to go into the inch section, red pepper shredded

  2. Pork lean meat shredded, add salt, soy sauce, water starch and mix thoroughly

  3. Heat the oil in the hot pot. After the oil is hot, add a little ginger and sautéed pork with a sautéed pork.

  4. The remaining oil, the lower amaranth and the red pepper are fried until they are broken, seasoned with salt, and transferred to a little white sugar.

  5. Pour in the fried pork and mix well. Add a little chicken to taste.


The usual small stir-fry, the only thing that wants to be ridiculous is that the cauliflower must not be fried for a long time, and the taste is best when it is ripe. . .

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