Recipe: Chinese kale sausage fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Chinese kale sausage fried rice


Fried rice looks very simple, but it is tempting to be fried, and there is a lot of learning in it. The first element of a pot of delicious fried rice is the clear grain. To do this, the amount of water used during cooking is the key. Here are two tips. One is to use your middle finger to measure the height of the water: the finger is perpendicular to the water surface, the middle finger tip just touches the meter, and the height of the water just reaches the first section of your middle finger; the second is observation: Taomi After adding water, it is just faintly visible through the water. We fry rice, usually with overnight meals. However, there is a disadvantage in overnight meals, especially the refrigerated rice, which is prone to agglomeration. At this time, a small amount of water can be sprayed to soften the rice, and then the rice is loosened. The rice thus treated can maintain the integrity of the rice granules, and a variety of seasonings and side dishes can be added to the wok to make a delicious, fried rice.



  1. Prepare the raw materials: Wash the mushrooms, wash the leaves, keep the stems of the leaves, and prepare the sausages.

  2. Kale diced, shiitake shredded, sausage diced

  3. Put the ginger and sausage into the scent after the oil is slightly hot

  4. Add mushrooms and stir fry

  5. Add kale

  6. Add seasoning: soy sauce, cooking wine

  7. Add a bowl of leftover rice

  8. You can add a few drops of old-fashioned color, and stir the rice in a small fire.

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