Recipe: Chili fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Chili fried pork


The pepper is dry and the hind legs are tender and smooth~~ Quickly stir-fry~~ The best meal~!



  1. First slice the hind legs and add in soy sauce, starch, and onion ginger.

  2. Cut the green pepper. Millet spicy cut into small circles. You don't have to seed.

  3. Hot pot cold oil under the hind legs, do not worry about stir frying the meat, and then stir fry when the meat is slightly loose in the oil pan. 8 mature. Out of the pot.

  4. First put the fat into the hot pot, the oil is mined in the medium and small fire, and the fat is made into oil residue. The oil residue is released.

  5. Put the diced green on the freshly cooked lard, put the pepper, and fry the pepper. When the dried fragrant dried fragrant peppers are fragrant, add the pieces of meat, stir fry, then add the oil residue and continue to stir fry.

  6. If you master the heat, you will almost go out. .

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