Recipe: Chicken with tomato sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken with tomato sauce



  1. Cut the chicken breast into a long strip of one inch thick fingers

  2. Add salt, pepper, cooking wine, oregano leaves and other seasonings to the chicken fillet for 10 minutes.

  3. Add another egg inside

  4. Stir well and leave for a while

  5. Mix bread crumbs and sesame in a dish

  6. Place the marinated chicken wicker in a mixed bread crumb and let the chicken wrap evenly wrap the bread crumbs

  7. Heat the oil to 60% in the pot, and gradually put the chicken wicker into the pan.

  8. Medium and small fire to golden brown, oiled on the kitchen paper towel after fishing

  9. Burn a little oil in the pot and add the tomato sauce to stir fry

  10. A suitable amount of white vinegar, a mixture of salt and sugar

  11. Stir fry together and knead into thick tomato sauce

  12. Pour the stir-fried tomato juice on the freshly fried chicken fillet;


1. When picking up the egg liquid, first pick the chicken fillet in advance, which makes it easier to taste; 2. I add some Western food such as oregano to make the taste of chicken will be more unique; 3. Add some sesame seeds to the bread crumb to make it more fragrant, but its surface is not easy to wrap evenly, and it is easy to fall off; if you want it to be more even and beautiful, use only one material; 4. Stir the ketchup with oil, then add the appropriate amount of salt, sugar, white vinegar to taste, so that the tomato juice is better; 5. You can also put the chicken wicker into the stir fry and let it evenly wrap the tomato juice.

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