Recipe: Chicken soup with dried tofu rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken soup with dried tofu rolls


I used to make dried tofu rolls in the Northeast. I used steamed food. I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s delicious enough. Now that I have switched to cooking, he is very supportive. I also think that it is better to cook.



  1. 2/3 minced meat (I use turkey minced meat, more fragrant with minced pork), 1/3 of fresh shrimp, add onion ginger, white pepper, soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil (sesame oil), salt, An egg white, starch, stirred in one direction

  2. After the meat stuffing is sticky, take two dry tofu, two hot dog intestines, cut the hot dog's intestines longitudinally, and cut into four portions.

  3. Spread the meat on the dried tofu, put a few ham sausages on the paved meat.

  4. After rolling up as tightly as possible, put it in a small skillet, add chicken soup, soy sauce, sugar, a little sesame oil (sesame oil)

  5. Cover the lid, boil and turn to low heat and continue to cook for 15 minutes (turning the middle once), open the lid, turn to the medium to collect the juice, and turn the juice to the side to make the four sides become beautiful golden red. After the juice is collected, turn off the fire

  6. Slice after cooling


The ham can actually be omitted. However, I think this is better, and, more importantly, because my thief likes to eat hot dogs. However, because it is not a healthy food, it is rarely eaten. No, break the fast and break the fast.

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