Recipe: chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: chicken soup


Today we are going to make an old hen soup. The old hen soup has always been known for its nourishing, but there are still a few secret tips to make a delicious drink without losing nutrition.



  1. Generally speaking, we pay attention to 'killing chickens and eating frozen chickens'. After buying the fresh chicken, put it in the freezer in the freezer for about 3 hours and then take it out to unfreeze the soup. This makes the chicken meat the best, and the soup will be more delicious.

  2. The chicken pieces are boiled in cold water and the floating foam is taken out.

  3. Put the chicken pieces into the electric pressure, put all the other ingredients except the chicken essence, and add the water. Choose porridge soup mode, set for 30 minutes

  4. After opening the lid, transfer the right amount of chicken essence according to your taste.


Old hens are not easy to cook. If you don't need a pressure cooker, it takes 3 to 4 hours to cook. Black-boiled words usually need to be stewed for 2 hours. If it is three yellow chicken, it is easier to cook, and it can be stewed for 1 hour. The broiler chicken is suitable for frying, the meat is tender, and the nutrition is not as good as the old hen. It is not a good choice for broiler chicken soup.

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