Recipe: Chicken rib sandwich

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken rib sandwich



  1. Wash the chicken breast, use a blade to make two pieces, and use the knife back or meat hammer to loosen the meat, take it up, put it in a container, add salt, cooking wine, black pepper and marinate.

  2. Take an egg to break up, wrap the marinated chicken breast with a layer of egg liquid, wrap a layer of bread crumbs, put it into a frying pan, and fry it in golden brown

  3. Take out the fried chicken chops, then add an egg to the poached egg, sprinkle with a little salt and black pepper.

  4. Finally, the lettuce leaves, chicken chops, omelettes, salad dressings, and toast slices can be combined into a sandwich. You can do it one night in advance, wrap it in plastic wrap, and you can eat it in the microwave oven the next morning. If you do it the night before, you can replace the lettuce with a yellow flower or a pickled cucumber.

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