Recipe: Chicken Paw Peanut Daylily Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken Paw Peanut Daylily Soup


Chicken feet, supplemented with collagen. Use it to broth, the soup is full of collagen!



  1. First, soak the daylily in warm water, and remove the hard head after softening.

  2. Wash the casserole of the soup first, put in the appropriate water, and cook on the fire. Put another pot of cold water here, put the washed chicken feet and the simmered chicken legs into the cold water pot, then turn on the fire, first smash, go to the end of the blood and chicken smell.

  3. After the pot is opened, the blood foam floats and the chicken feet and chicken legs can be taken out. Then put it into the casserole that has been boiled, add ginger slices, and turn to a small fire and cook slowly. Put peanuts and daylilies in about 1 hour. Cook for another half an hour and you can cook it. Add the right salt to eat!

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