Recipe: Chiayi Chicken Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Chiayi Chicken Rice


There is a restaurant opened by Taiwanese people in Old Street. Chiayi chicken rice is one of the signs. Twelve bowls, but you have to know how small the mini bowl is... I can eat four bowls, four bowls, and bastards! Going home to Baidu, the recipe for Chiayi Chicken Rice is hard to find, try to try it yourself, the taste is almost the same as the store (I am too good for T0T) Although it is not very authentic (I haven’t been to Taiwan and I don’t know if I am authentic in the restaurant), but the taste is very refreshing~ it’s completely difficult to do! The fried garlic chopped green onion and chicken are very fragrant!



  1. Chicken breast, cooked and torn into silk by hand, add a little oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, a teaspoon of rice wine,

  2. One spoonful of hot oil, one spoonful of sugar melts, and the garlic chopped green onion is fried into caramel

  3. Pour over the chicken and mix well

  4. Cover the rice, add a halogen egg can be ~

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