Recipe: Chestnut chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Chestnut chicken soup


Sitting on the moon, my mother is taking care of me. I am changing my way every day to cook soup for me. I am afraid that my milk is not enough, and her baby granddaughter is hungry. <Chestnut stewed chicken soup> I was the first to know this match, I didn’t expect the taste to be very good. Drink fatty pig's feet and pork bone soup every day. It is good to be able to change a fresh taste.



  1. Wash the chicken pieces, boil the water in a pot, add the chicken pieces, simmer until the color changes, remove and rinse.

  2. Put the peeled chestnut and chicken into the pot and inject the water. The water volume is higher than the 2CM position of the food.

  3. Put it into the electric pressure cooker, press the 'beans' button, and cook until the end of the program. Take a little salt and season it.


1. The quality of the ingredients determines whether the soup is good or not. The mother made a special trip to the chestnuts bought in the faraway market. The soup that came out was delicious and sweet. After my mother left, the peeled chestnut I bought nearby was not so sweet. 2. The ratio of chicken and chestnut should also be good, and the chicken is twice the best amount of chestnut. 3. Do not put too much water. The characteristic of using electric pressure cooker is that water will not be boiled. If the water is put more, the soup taste will not be strong.

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