Recipe: Chestnut chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Chestnut chicken soup


Homemade Yang Jiujiu Food Diary 026 Chestnut Chicken Soup After the chestnut market is listed every year, it is necessary to stew a few chestnut chicken soup, sweet chicken soup, soft chestnuts, and feel very happy when you cool down. BGM:2003 - tsunenori



  1. Burn a small pot of boiling water, turn off the fire, put in the chestnuts (I use the chestnuts that have removed the outer shell, if there is a shell need to cover the lid), soak for 5 minutes, remove the chestnuts and heat them;

  2. Chicken cold water pot, boil over high heat, remove the chicken, clean;

  3. Put the cleaned chicken in a casserole, add ginger, shallots, cooking wine, and pour boiling water (like soup, pour more water)

  4. First, do not cover the lid, boil the fire, remove the floating foam, put in the chestnut, cover the lid, simmer for 1 hour; (just stew for about 10 minutes, there may be floating foam, this time the chicken oil also floats Come out, like the light chicken soup, you can fish the chicken oil and the floating foam together)

  5. Finally, put 1 teaspoon of salt.

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