Recipe: Cherry mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Cherry mousse


Record the recipe. 2015 Valentine's Day, long face exclusive.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Hurricane cake embryo. 8*8, three eggs.

    Hurricane cake embryo. 8*8, three eggs.

  2. The finished cake embryo is pressed into a circle of various sizes. Small in mousse, big bottom.

  3. Cherry mousse. 1) The gelatin is soaked in milk and can be heated properly. Then pour it into the cherry puree and mix well. 2) Spread the cream 6 and dispense a small portion into the puree. Mix well and mix well. 3) Fill the mold with a scented flower bag, add half of it first, add a layer of cake embryo, then add cherry fruit, add mousse to 9 minutes, and finally a large cake embryo back cover.

  4. Chocolate noodles. Soak the water + gelatin powder, then add the sugar and simmer until the sugar is completely melted. Sift into the chocolate powder, add warm cream, add butter and corn syrup. Mix well and let go to room temperature.

  5. Evenly pour the sauce on the mousse. If the noodles are too thin, wait for the first time to dry before pouring a layer. Put in the refrigerator to freeze to solidify.

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