Recipe: Cherry meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Cherry meat


Cherry meat is one of the traditional Han dishes in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, and belongs to the Su cuisine. Founded in Jiangsu, it was introduced into the palace during the Qing Emperor Qianlong period. It features bright red color, bright and pleasing, crisp and plump. Its color is red and bright, the shape is small, the skin is soft and salty, rich in fat, it is the best appetizer and the next meal. The minimum condition for cherry meat is color temptation. For example, the meat surface should be cut like a cherry, arranged neatly, and the color should be as bright and red as cherries. At the same time, it is also one of the famous dishes in the Northeast. It is said that the food from the people of Shandong Province moved to Dalian during the period of the meal. The minimum condition is that the meat is tempted, such as the size of the meat, which is cut like a cherry. Neat, the color should also be as bright and red as cherries, bright and attractive. Those who have the name "cherry meat" must study the psychology of the diners. Cherry is a precious fruit, also known as a peach, and it is poetic to hear the name. The fruit is bright, crystal, sweet and sour, which reminds people of the mouthful of fluid. In spring and summer, a grain of round like agate, against the green leaves, bright red. Its color is unparalleled, and it is deeply loved by poets. Li Shimin described it as: "Zhu Yan contains a long time", Sun Hao praised it: "Color around the Pei Ming", Du Mu praised it: "round the suspected dragon." Therefore, the crystal cherry meat is set against the green vegetable leaves at the bottom of the plate. It is true that the Southern Tang poet Feng Yanxi described the famous cherry: "The wall is east, the tree is cherry with rain." Instead, it is necessary to change the phrase "green onion, a few cherry leaves on the bottom" of the Song Dynasty Zhao Yanduan into "green onions, a few cherry leaves on the red". Because the cherry meat is on the basin, it is necessary to stir-fry the pea sprouts with vegetable oil, and put the green bean sprouts around the plate, so that the cherry meat is more red, just like a plate of freshly picked cherries from the tree. There are many people who love cherry meat. In addition to its deliciousness, there is another reason why it is easy to connect it with classical beauty. "Liu-like eyebrows are like scorpions, cherry mouth hibiscus amount" This is the standard portrait of classical beauty, cherry small mouth is the symbol of beauty. In fact, a woman should be like a cherry, exquisite and beautiful. Suzhou is a place where beautiful people have been in the past, and it is also a famous place. It is natural and rare to have cherry meat in the dishes. The Su-style dishes pay attention to “the four seasons are different, and they are listed on order”, and in the spring, they push the cherry meat. Just like the beauty in the spring, with seductive colors, the exquisitely and meticulously coming, people naturally linger.



  1. Cut the tenderloin with minced meat, add salt, chicken essence, white pepper, cooking wine, and add the egg yolk and stir well. Add raw powder and mix well. Carrots cut into small Ding.

  2. The wide oil and oil temperature is 50% hot, and the diced meat is taken into the powder. The fire was fried for one minute in golden yellow. Carrots and green beans over the oil

  3. Put the base oil in the pot, add the tomato sauce and add sugar and vinegar to saute. Add appropriate amount of water to boil, water starch hooks. Sprinkle a little oil. When the sauce is thick, pour the diced meat, carrot diced, green beans, and mix well.


If you want to do it well, it is more important to hang the sauce. The paste can't be too thin. If it's thin, it won't wrap the juice; the paste can't be too thick, too thick and taste bad. The correct way is to let the starch paste have resistance when pushed with chopsticks. This kind of starch paste is just right. Sour and sweet mouth juice, to control the ratio, too sweet is too greasy, too acid is also not good, the ratio of sugar to vinegar is best 2:1, added to the fried tomato sauce, this cherry meat Ninety percent of success. 2, tomato sauce should not be replaced with tomato sauce, the original tomato flavor is more authentic.

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