Recipe: Cherry jam

Home Cooking Recipe: Cherry jam



  1. After the cherry is cleaned, use a knife to draw a knife from the middle, use your fingers to pry out the core, and mix the flesh with white sugar and marinate for 1 hour.

  2. Put the glazed cherries into an acid-proof pot, pour in the right amount of water and rock sugar, boil over low heat and cook over low heat.

  3. In order to prevent the pan from being smashed, the lid of the pot can be sewed, and the small fire is simmered until the jam is slightly dried. Squeeze into 1/3 lemon juice and continue to simmer until it is viscous (during constant stirring to prevent sticking)


1. The pots of the jam should be selected in an acid-resistant pot (enamel pot, casserole, stainless steel pot or glass); 2. The bottle of jam must be washed, put in boiling water and boiled for a while to thoroughly disinfect and dry, then put the jam into the lid and store it in the refrigerator. Try to eat it within 7 days.

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