Recipe: Chenpi Hericium

Home Cooking Recipe: Chenpi Hericium



  1. Quick-frozen Hericium erinaceus, thawed into small pieces by thawing

  2. Tangerine with soft soaked chopped

  3. Chopped red pepper; ginger peeled and ready to use

  4. Pour the pan and pour the refined oil into the pan. When the temperature of the oil rises to about 50%, put the monkey mushroom into the fry, fry and pour the drained oil.

  5. Another pot, put the pepper into pieces, stir-fry the spicy taste, add ginger, pepper powder and stir well, pour the monkey head mushroom, then add soy sauce, sugar, mushroom essence and mix well, use the big fire to collect the juice, the juice is quickly dried Mix linseed oil and red oil, do not thicken, and put the pan into the pan.


When cishi's_Tips fried monkey mushroom, pay attention to the heat, do not fry the monkey mushroom, do not collect too dry when collecting juice. Flavor characteristics: bright red color, crisp and refreshing, slightly spicy, delicious aftertaste, soft texture, dried tangerine peel and appetizing. In this place of food testing, mastering the heat is the key to success. The monkey head mushroom must be fried until the water is slightly dry, and the water should not be too heavy, otherwise the monkey head mushroom will be soft and not fragrant.

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