Recipe: Chef fried mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Chef fried mushrooms


#乐购TESCO优鲜下下-菜# Well. It was actually very simple to eat a dish that was not forgotten by Daikanyama N years ago. Well. This kind of creature of the mushroom is really delicious! The recipe is updated 2.0, no juice is collected, the mushrooms are simmered and drenched in the dish, and finally a little chives can be sprinkled.



  1. Wash the slices of the mushroom, and cut the small pieces of garlic.

  2. Put the butter in the pan and heat it to melt slowly. Add all the garlic grains after frying and saute.

  3. Add the mushrooms and fry, and there will be a lot of soup during the period, but it will be wasteful to be dried! ! !

  4. Grind the black pepper into pieces before the pan, and add the appropriate amount of salt according to the taste.


Please use butter.

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