Recipe: Cheese mochi

Home Cooking Recipe: Cheese mochi


Not long ago, my husband and I ate cheese and rice cakes in "Hemin", and I fell in love with that taste. Very delicious and fragrant, knowing that you will be fat! But after I came back, I experimented immediately. How do you say it? Personally, the taste is quite similar. Just wait for everyone to see the benevolent and see the wisdom. :) The process is convenient and convenient, suitable for novices.



  1. Hot pot with rice cakes laid on the bottom of the bowl

  2. Spread a piece of cheddar cheese on the rice cake

  3. Finally, apply the right amount of mozzarella cheese.

  4. The middle layer of the oven is 190 degrees and 15 minutes or so. Mozzarella can be changed color


1, the rice cake is best to use soft and astringent. If it's a hard rice cake, try mixing it in the water and draining it. 2, the use of cheddar cheese is to bring out the salty taste, otherwise the whole cheese rice cake is light, and the addition of Cheddar is good, this individual feels indispensable. 3, Masurira everyone can increase or decrease according to preferences. I hope everyone will succeed~~~ I hope everyone eats not fat ha ~~~ -v-

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