Recipe: Cheese chicken meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Cheese chicken meatballs


Cheese chicken meatballs, Western-style, with fresh chicken, nutritious onions, with fragrant mozzarella cheese, wrapped in a layer of bread crumbs, golden frying in the frying pan, fragrant, a pot It was stopped by the friends of the size and size of the family.



  1. Chicken diced into diced, onion diced, cheese diced

  2. Chicken is not too smashed, add a little salt, more black pepper powder, stir a little chicken powder for 10 minutes.

  3. Mix the marinated chicken minced meat with the onion cheese

  4. Put flour, bread crumbs, and egg liquid in the tray.

  5. Take the appropriate amount of cheese and chicken broth, put it into a round shape by hand, roll a layer of flour in turn, and then roll a layer of egg liquid.

  6. The chicken meatballs wrapped in the egg liquid are rolled onto a layer of bread crumbs (note that the excess bread crumbs are scattered and pressed), and then fried in a frying pan until golden.

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