Recipe: Cheese Arugula Sausage Pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Cheese Arugula Sausage Pasta


I want to try the arugula in addition to the salad and burritos. So I gave birth to this fast-paced pasta. It tastes pretty good. (๑•؎ •๑)✧



  1. The water is opened and the pasta is cooked. I put it aside. I use the butterfly noodles to cook for a short time. Other types of pasta can also be used.

  2. Prepare the material while cooking the noodles, wash the arugula and control the moisture. Sausage slices, peeled garlic

  3. Hot pot under the olive oil, put the garlic cloves, dry pepper, sauté

  4. Add pasta and stir-fried arugula and season with salt. Salt can be put in a small amount. The sausage itself is quite salty.

  5. Turn off the fire and put in the cheese. Melt the cheese with the remaining temperature. Put the black pepper on the plate. You can eat it.


Sausages can be replaced with bacon shrimp. Anyone who is afraid of fat can not put cheese. But I think it is delicious.

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