Recipe: Chai yoghurt wrong production method

Home Cooking Recipe: Chai yoghurt wrong production method


After I bought the Caspian yogurt powder, I saw all the methods of introducing the fermentation on the Internet, but I did not find a solution to the problem and the precautions for making the yogurt. In the case where the first two yogurts succeeded, the third time failed. Looking for the reason, to give you a general knowledge of what behavior will lead to yogurt failure. WeChat public number: One year, pay attention to the original cooking books~~~



  1. First, it is very simple to make yogurt. Pour the yogurt powder into the milk and mix well. Ferment it for 24 hours at 20-30 degrees.

  2. Let's talk about the container. The container should be of plastic type. It is the type of the lock, because the yogurt bacteria are easily contaminated if exposed to the air, and the contaminated yogurt will become what will be mentioned later.

  3. The container should be sterilized before putting the yogurt. The easiest thing is to take the water and boil it. It is best to soak it in boiling water, so that it is clean inside and outside.

  4. The next step is to stir the spoon evenly and the spoon to be sterilized. Some people say that they don't take metal spoons. I didn't say why. I used metal spoons twice before, so I think metal spoons are not a big problem.

  5. Summer and winter temperatures are different. If it is to prevent the temperature from exceeding 30 degrees in the summer, the yogurt bacteria will be killed by heat, what will the heat death become? yellow. Yellow water will be formed on the surface. If your yogurt's moisture (whey) turns into a bean flower, it is not necessarily that the yogurt is broken, but if the water is yellow, it is not right. The yogurt will deteriorate when the temperature is high. .

  6. When the yogurt is fermented, it will produce gas. Don't use a container that is too small. The lid on the surface of the yogurt should have a distance of 2cm. Don't open the lid and look at it. I am the third time to make yogurt. The lid is open, other bacteria. Go in.

  7. When the yogurt was first cooked, it was very sticky, like a silky batter, with no taste. When doing the second time, take a small part of the lower layer, mix it according to the ratio of yogurt 1: milk 10, stir evenly, and ferment it for about 12 hours at 20-30 degrees. This time, the yogurt will solidify. . Gently tilt the container to maintain its shape, and it will still flow a little more than 30 degrees. After solidification, take out the next lower layer of bacteria, and immediately put the rest in the refrigerator or eat it, otherwise it will precipitate water.

  8. My mistake was to be greedy when I was doing it for the third time. I didn't want to eat all the yogurt, I just wanted to do more, so I didn't do it according to the ratio of 1:10, which was almost 2:3. The third time, the result is that because the yoghurt that has been formed is too much milk, it can't be reshaped, it will always be a bean flower, and it will never solidify again, never.

  9. Don't shake it a lot and turn it upside down when making yogurt.

  10. Repeated use of the strain will result in reduced activity and other bacterial infections, so do not change the strain for more than one month. Even if you save it well, the taste of the yogurt will be different every time, so the freshness is the best, the longer the time, the worse.

  11. If the yogurt tastes bitter, the color is gray or has a pungent smell, it means it is broken and thrown away.

  12. The water is separated and the surface has a small foam, which means it is broken.

  13. Broken yoghurt can't be eaten, nor can it be used as a strain, and throw it away quickly.

  14. Successfully prepared yogurt can be stored in the refrigerator for one week.

  15. There is clear liquid in the upper layer, that is whey is not related, yogurt is good.

  16. The surface is yellowish, and the bottom is still white. That is the role of the crude bacillus, and it does not matter.

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