Recipe: Celery leaves scrambled eggs (minimal)

Home Cooking Recipe: Celery leaves scrambled eggs (minimal)



  1. Not too old celery leaves next, the small sticks of the branches can be picked up together, can enrich the taste!

  2. Wash, cut into the end, don't be too broken, especially the vegetable poles are cut into thin diced, just after the sauté, you can chew the celery to the fragrant.

  3. Take a large bowl, put the cut celery, sprinkle two or three grams of salt, mix with chopsticks, wait a few minutes to kill the water, and you can also kill any water anyway, the taste is true. ( ́ー∀ー`)

  4. In the celery bowl, put 2 to 3 eggs, sprinkle a little white pepper (can not sprinkle, but I think it is more fragrant), chopsticks whipped to the egg, ah.

  5. Put the oil into the pot, when the oil temperature is 70% hot, the egg liquid will be served. After a few seconds of solidification, start to take the chopsticks and spread it. Stir fry until the surface is golden. (Old is my favorite, like tender stir-fry until completely solidified. Just fine), then add the appropriate amount of soy sauce, stir fry for half a minute, out of the pot.

  6. The porridge is good, and the soup is also very good, simple and fast, recommended!


The steps have been exhausted, and if there is anything unclear, you can leave a message. I wish you a happy meal! ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

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