Recipe: Celery leaf soy milk (milk) cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Celery leaf soy milk (milk) cake


Celery has the effects of Pinggan Jiangya, calming and calming the nerves, preventing cancer and cancer, nourishing blood and nourishing the blood, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and losing weight. The nutritional value of celery leaves is higher than its stem, how can it be discarded?



  1. Wash the celery leaves in a boiling water pot, and remember to put a small amount of salt in the pot, remove the empty water and smash it.

  2. Take a suitable container, put the cool leaves, flour, egg liquid, milk into a paste, then add salt, allspice, white pepper to taste.

  3. Start a pan, heat, brush a small amount of oil, pour the mixed paste in step 2, flatten the pan, fry until the surface of the batter is solidified, the top is golden, and the pan is fried until golden to serve.


1. Use milk or soy milk and batter to increase the nutrition of the cake and enhance the taste of the cake. There is no substitute for milk powder or soy flour and water, and the sugar content should be adjusted as appropriate. 2. When the batter is put into the appropriate amount of sesame or cake, sprinkle with the appropriate amount of sesame seeds, and the taste is more fragrant.

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