Recipe: Celery and dried beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Celery and dried beans



  1. The dried beans are cut into short strips, and the celery is cut into the length of the dried beans.

  2. I cut some two green peppers together with celery.

  3. Put the oil in the pan, cut the dried pepper into a frying pan

  4. Pour the dried beans and stir fry

  5. I have been using the fire for a while to change the color. I like to fry some more, more fragrant.

  6. Pour celery and green pepper

  7. Continue to stir the fire, sprinkle some salt before the pot, stir fry evenly.


TIPS: 1. When frying the dried bean curd, stir fry for a while, so that it is crispy; 2, put some dried chili peppers before the dried beans; 3, the process of speculation has been fired. I like this kind of fried bean curd. There is celery in the material limited by the live activity, so I used it to practice my hand. Brainstorming, limited activities on the spot: white radish, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, eggs, pork and common seasonings. I don't think I have to run out of it, but there is no other room for it. By the way, the time is controlled within 15 minutes.

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