Recipe: Cauliflower fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Cauliflower fried pork


Exquisite home cooking: cauliflower fried meat! Make life more colorful!



  1. The first step: clean the cauliflower, lean meat, and onions

  2. The second step: cut the lean meat into thin slices, add a little salt and soy sauce, mix the lean meat slices with rhyme, then add the appropriate amount of raw powder, mix the rhyme, set aside; the cauliflower cuts the small shape and is ready for use; the onion is cut into small pieces and is ready for use. ; red pepper shredded, ready to use; raw powder to adjust water, ready to use

  3. The third step: heat the pot, add the appropriate amount of peanut oil, until warm, add the mixed lean meat, red pepper, saute, add the white cauliflower, add about 300 ml of water, add a little salt and soy sauce, Cook for about 5 minutes

  4. The fourth step: add a little MSG, add raw water, you can go to the pot


Cauliflower fried pork, is a home-cooked dish, very suitable for regulating taste, family dinner dishes, delicious and beautiful appearance.

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