Recipe: Casserole version of the flower powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Casserole version of the flower powder


It’s hard to eat a bowl of powder that I bought outside. I’m going to have a bowl of material-rich frapple powder.



  1. Wash the fans with water, cut the shredded shredded garlic, cut the garlic into pieces.

  2. Preheat the casserole, add corn oil, fry the bean paste

  3. Spread the vegetables layer by layer in the casserole, put the top of the powder, add water

  4. Add all the seasonings except the bean paste to the boiling water for 3min-5min.


Garlic must be placed more starchy ingredients, do not hold the casserole, I use 1.8L casserole, one person, 250ml water, two servings, two small bowls

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