Recipe: Casserole ribs, old tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Casserole ribs, old tofu


Occasionally eaten in a small shop, one bite, amazing! Try it yourself, simple and delicious :)



  1. Pork ribs, drowning

  2. The ribs are less oily. Put some cooking wine or white wine, add soy sauce, and cook with braised pork ribs for a while until the ribs are cooked.

  3. Pour the ribs and broth into the casserole, and add the old tofu. Simmer for about an hour.

  4. Sprinkle some garlic, take a photo more beautiful :)


1. Really delicious! 2. The materials used in various materials, heat, time, I can only say: by feeling... After all, this is Chinese food, everything is just a little amount of

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