Recipe: Caspian yogurt - probably the best yogurt, or the longest recipe name

Home Cooking Recipe: Caspian yogurt - probably the best yogurt, or the longest recipe name


In this spring, under the leadership of @amomoa goddess, I put in the arms of Caspian yoghurt. Do you also dislike the rubber shoes in the commercial yoghurt? The yogurt machine has trouble plugging in. I wonder if the yogurt powder will be added, just want to Want to have a cup of simple natural and delicious yogurt, come on~ Let's do the first jar of sea yoghurt in the spring~ I must look at the tips~~~



  1. Pour about 250ml of milk into the container that has been sterilized in boiling water (normal temperature or slightly warm), add the bacteria powder, and mix well.

  2. Pour in the remaining 250ml of milk and mix well

  3. Cover the lid and ferment for 24 hours at room temperature (20 degrees)

  4. After the whole solidification is confirmed, the second fermentation is completed. The freshly fermented yoghurt is used to match the milk in a ratio of 1:10. The fermentation time after the second time is about 12 hours.


1. The fermentation temperature is preferably between 20-30 degrees, so don't use the yogurt machine. The high temperature will cause the fermentation to fail. The first fermentation time is about 24 hours. If your room temperature is low, it may be longer. If the fermentation temperature is too low, the fermentation will stop, but the quality will not be affected. The fermentation can be continued after recovering more than 20 degrees in a short time. 3. The fermentation container is not limited. There is a special fermentation box for tb, but all kinds of high and low chunky crisper boxes at home can be used. Use, material plastic is better, glass can also 4. How good is this yogurt ~ For me personally, she is not very sour, so do not need sugar or honey, do not need to take extra sugar is not good to open Smoked~ I have to say how good she is~ It’s that my group opened a public number for this pot of yogurt with amazing action~ to commemorate the largest Amway activity since the formation of the group~ It’s so efficient! 5. Regarding the second fermentation, it has been tested successively. The frozen yoghurt is heated and then fermented, chilled yogurt + chilled milk, chilled yogurt + normal temperature milk, all can be fermented smoothly, please rest assured haha

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