Recipe: Cashew chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Cashew chicken


Although it is a meat dish, it is very light, with less oil and less salt. The chicken is very tender and the cashew is very sweet. Eat it very well.



  1. Chicken breast washed and controlled to dry

  2. Cut into small

  3. Chicken diced in cooking wine and wet starch and scratching and developing for 5 minutes

  4. Cashew nuts, cucumber diced, carrot diced

  5. Ready to prepare

  6. Starch plus an appropriate amount of water to open the spare

  7. Cool oil directly into the cashew nuts, slowly fry the small fire and spare it.

  8. Take out the pepper after adding the pepper and the star anise

  9. Put dry red pepper in fried pepper oil, stir-fried onion and ginger

  10. Pour the marinated chicken diced meat, stir-fry until it is discolored, pour a little soy sauce and stir well

  11. Pour in the cucumber and carrots and stir fry for a while, season with salt.

  12. Finally, pour the fried cashew nuts, chicken essence, a few drops of sesame oil, drenched into the wet starch


Eating meat may be a daily life for many people! Of course, the standard of living has improved. A lot of foods that eat high-fat and high-calorie foods have produced many modern diseases. What is high blood fat, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and so on! In fact, eating meat can also become light and not greasy, such as eating chicken, fish, rabbit meat and other meats with low fat content and low calories! It is also wrong to eat meat and fat at all. The right amount of fat and calories is absolutely necessary for the body and brain! In short, balanced diet and nutrition are the main factors to ensure good health!

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