Recipe: Carrot mushroom fried fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Carrot mushroom fried fungus


I have never eaten carrots since I was a child. This recipe is definitely a counterattack of carrots.



  1. Slice the shiitake mushroom, remember to leave the water without residue, add the raw powder and stir the oil evenly.

  2. After the fungus is foamed, cut the vertical pieces and set aside.

  3. Carrot shredded spare

  4. After a little ginger under the frying pan, stir the carrots for about two minutes, add the mushrooms and fungus, stir fry for about five minutes and add the prepared raw oyster sauce.

  5. After adding a small amount of salt to the broth, add the appropriate amount of salt and serve.


Carrots don't eat oil, so you don't need to put too much oil, so be sure to add more powder to the oil.

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