Recipe: Cardamom sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Cardamom sauce


Introduce a practice of soy sauce, my mother is doing a lot every summer, can eat a winter.



  1. Wash the sharp peppers, dry them with a kitchen towel, and mash them. Pay attention to the cutting board and the knife, and do not damp the oil, otherwise it will easily deteriorate.

  2. The beans are chopped, and the salt is added to the pepper and mixed well.


Store in a glass bottle and store it in a refrigerator. When you eat it, use a clean and dry spoon to hold a dish. It is especially delicious when you have porridge, rice, and simmered bread. The above formula has been improved by me. My mother made the original: pepper, cardamom, garlic, salt, mixed in a ratio of 10:1:1:1. I feel that the ratio is salty, so lower The ratio of cardamom to salt, I don't eat garlic, so I don't put garlic, you can choose according to your own taste.

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