Recipe: Cardamom sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Cardamom sauce



  1. Pour the bought soybean meal into a bowl that is not afraid of being hot. Use chopsticks or a spoon to spread the cardamom, and add a spoonful of chopped Pixian bean paste. Then, according to the degree of your own spicy taste, put it in the bowl. Chili powder, mix well

  2. Then pour the oil into the small skillet. After the heat is cooked, grab a small pepper into the colander, put the colander in the oil pan, and boil the pepper out of the colander (not the peppercorns). Put a hand in a small pot and pour the oil into the bowl. The other hand keeps the chopsticks and stirs constantly. Mix the mixture in the bowl. Finally, wait until the air is cool and the bottle cap is tight.

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