Recipe: Cardamom beer braised duck neck

Home Cooking Recipe: Cardamom beer braised duck neck



  1. Wash the duck neck and knead it into small pieces. Add enough water to drown the neck of the duck, add ginger, cooking wine, boil and simmer in the blood.

  2. The good duck neck is taken out and drained.

  3. Add the right amount of cooking oil to the pan, saute garlic cloves, ginger, pepper, dried red pepper

  4. After joining the duck neck section, stir fry for a while

  5. Then join a beer

  6. After the fire is boiled, add the nutmeg, cover the lid, and cook for 3 minutes.

  7. Prepare the secret red sauce

  8. Add 20ml of secret braised red sauce to the pan, then mix evenly, cover the lid, and continue to cook for 15 minutes.

  9. When the soup is half taken, add 1 teaspoon of sugar, cover the lid and continue to cook until the soup is slightly thick.


1. Cut the neck of the duck, use ginger and cooking wine to boil in boiling water to remove the astringency. 2, using beer instead of water, not only can effectively suffocate, but also freshen the duck neck. 3, with secret braised sauce, convenient and easy to save, no need to add other condiments, if there is no secret braised sauce, you can also use the appropriate amount of soy sauce white sugar salt modulation instead. 4. Finally, add a spoonful of white sugar, which can effectively thicken the soup and play the role of refreshing.

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