Recipe: Caramel dark chocolate caramel mous au chocolat

Home Cooking Recipe: Caramel dark chocolate caramel mous au chocolat


This is the formula of PiERRE HERME, personally feels delicious! Hardworking girls do it! I am too lazy to forget to take photos today! The process is not difficult, it should not be difficult to understand!



  1. Small pot boiled fresh cream, turn off the fire

  2. Heat the liquid glucose with a small heat, add the fine sugar after melting, cook until dark amber, do not stir the process of cooking, remember to use a deep pan! !

  3. After the syrup turns amber, add the butter, stir well, add the whipped cream before the addition, stir, and finally add the dark chocolate (cut into small pieces), stir well, and boil again to 115 degrees.

  4. Pour into the square mold prepared in advance, remember to spread the oil paper!

  5. After you let cool, you can cut it!


I feel that the finished product of this formula is relatively soft, I don't know if it will be a little less than the amount of fresh cream. If you give it away, remember to cut it in small pieces and wrap it in transparent candy paper. If you want to make a caramel sauce, increase the amount of fresh cream. Hey!

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