Recipe: Caramel baked pudding

Home Cooking Recipe: Caramel baked pudding



  1. First make caramel, put 60g white sugar and 20g water in the pot and heat the caramel. When the color turns golden, leave the fire and observe the color. When the color is lighter than the photo, pour the pudding mold. in

  2. After the caramel is poured into the bottom of the bottle, it will solidify, just like the sugar outside the candied fruit.

  3. Ml milk + 30g of sugar, slightly heated with a small milk pot, wait until the sugar melts, the temperature is slightly higher than the body temperature, it is taken off the fire. Then slowly pour into the broken egg liquid. Stir well

  4. Repeated screening more than 3 times. This will filter out the egg liquid that has not been broken, and the pudding that comes out is more delicate. If you have a sieve in your house, it doesn't matter, lazy people can pay attention to everything, right?

  5. Pour into the mold

  6. Put in the oven. 160~165 degrees, fire up and down, and bake for 35 minutes in a water bath. If there is no oven, put it in a steamer. Same as steamed egg yo. And if placed in a steamer, it is best to put a plastic wrap on it to avoid bubbles inside. (The water bath method is to pour hot water on the baking tray. Not a little, it is best to pour 2/3 or more of the baking tray)

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