Recipe: Cantonese style Wuren moon cake (made with five kernel filling)

Home Cooking Recipe: Cantonese style Wuren moon cake (made with five kernel filling)


Fang Zi was made by himself last year. It feels good. The stuffing of the five kernels is the one that Dad has designated to eat. If he has no time to buy it, he will only do it himself. Fortunately, the recipe is not bad. There is red silk green silk outside. Fat pork is much better. I am afraid that I can't find a good way to do it in the future, so I will send it to the bottom. The square of the crust is made of 63g, and according to the skin 3: filling 7, you can probably do 16. I feel like I am writing, haha. Many people report that the soft stuffing of the skin is hard. Since I didn't do the five kernels last year, I don't remember it. If the stuffing is hard, the nuts are less cooked and more glutinous rice flour. If the powder is too much, it should not be hard. If the skin is soft, it will not be related to the brand of syrup, and the degree of syrup will affect the cake. The cover map of this car, I am 2:8 ratio to pack, no broken skin. If you want to eat a little softer, increase the amount of glutinous rice flour. If there are more nuts, increase the amount of glutinous rice flour.



  1. First, the five kernels are stuffed. All kinds of nuts are cooked, cooked, and cooked in batches. In short, they must be cooked. After cooling, it is chopped. Kumquat sugar, melon sugar cut small diced. (I used raisins, fresh chestnuts, peanuts, kumquats, black and white sesame)

  2. Prepare cooked glutinous rice flour. Heat the wok to a low heat, add the glutinous rice flour, stir fry until the glutinous rice flour becomes slightly yellow, and taste no powdery taste. It can be used after cooling. Microwave ovens and horses feel very slow and costly.

  3. Mix all the prepared nuts and kumquat sugar melon syrup into a large bowl and mix well.

  4. Pour oil, white wine, about 50g of cold water, sugar (or honey, maltose, you can also try sugar osmanthus, I thought I have forgotten it...). Stir well with chopsticks.

  5. Finally add cooked glutinous rice flour. When adding cooked glutinous rice flour, please pay attention to the fact that the amount of cooked glutinous rice flour may vary according to the actual situation. It is not necessary to add all the glutinous rice flour. As long as the softness and hardness of the glutinous rice glutinous rice stuffing is suitable, it can be poured into most of the rice. According to the situation, the rest can be added with some water, and the cooked powder and cold boiled water can be used flexibly.

  6. The stuffing can hold the group, which is a stuffing of five kernels.

  7. The well-prepared five-stuff filling is covered with plastic wrap for half an hour. If there is no oil leakage or separation, it means that the five-stuff filling is successful.

  8. Next, you can make a moon cake crust: pour the invert sugar syrup into the bowl, add the water and stir the oil evenly.

  9. Sift through the medium powder and knead it into dough. Cover the kneaded dough with plastic wrap for about half an hour.

  10. After half an hour, the dough is taken out, and the cake skin and the five kernels are divided according to the ratio of 3:7 or 2:8 (for example, 63 g mold, according to the ratio of 3:7, the skin is 19 g, and the filling is 44 g). Novices recommend using a 3:7 ratio to pack, not easy to break the phase.

  11. Take a piece of dough for the crust, squash, and put the five-stuff stuffing.

  12. Then place the dough in the position of the left hand tiger's mouth and push the dough with the big fish part of the thumb.

  13. During the push process, turn the dough and let the dough slowly wrap around the filling and close the mouth. My personal experience is best to wear disposable gloves, it is easier to pack and not break the skin.

  14. Sprinkle some flour in the moon cake mold to prevent sticking (put in the flour, shake it, put the flour on the mold, and then pour the excess flour; or roll the wrapped dough into the flour bowl, the effect is better) . Put the wrapped dough into the mold and use the mold to press the dough into a mooncake shape (slightly pressed to the end, the compression point is estimated to be clearer). Spray some water and put in a preheated oven.

  15. The oven is preheated at 200 degrees, the middle layer, about 20 minutes at a time. After baking for 5 minutes, take it out and brush the egg yolk water (only brush the surface, the side is not brushed), then put it in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes until the surface is golden.

  16. Freshly baked moon cake, the cake skin is very dry, wait for 2-3 days after the moon cake is cooled, wait for 2-3 days, the cake skin will gradually become soft and oily, this process is called 'returning oil', so the freshly baked moon cake is not needed. Hurry to eat, wait until the oil is returned before eating. Of course, if you are not in a hurry, you can taste one or two.


1. The cold boiled water in the five-filled stuffing refers to the cold boiled water that is cooled after boiling. Do not use raw water directly. This kind of good filling is easier to preserve and not easy to deteriorate. 2, the traditional five-in-one stuffing, there are melon sugar or kumquat sugar, do not like, you can omit. What is the red silk green silk has not been studied. There seems to be something fat and fat? 3, about the brush egg liquid, did not make moon cakes for a few years, the impression is an egg yolk + some egg whites and evenly set to defoam. In order to avoid accidentally brushing too much, the wool brush scrapes off part of the egg liquid in the bowl along the scraping or crosses the chopsticks in the middle of the bowl to scrape the egg liquid (it is estimated that the chopsticks will run, refer to the reference).

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