Recipe: Cantaloupe melon shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Cantaloupe melon shrimp



  1. Add salt, white pepper and half egg white to the shrimp

  2. Grab evenly marinated for ten minutes

  3. Put the peas in water with a small amount of oil and salt

  4. The peas that passed through the water took out and went too cold.

  5. Add the right amount of oil to the pan, then add the ginger flakes.

  6. After the scent is fried, add the marinated shrimp and stir fry

  7. After the shrimp is slightly discolored, add the peas

  8. Add the cut melon

  9. After the salt and other seasonings, stir fry, and then put on the plate.


1. Do not use sweet melon; 2. Put the melon in the fry and stir it a few times. 3. Do not add too much seasoning.

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