Recipe: Cantaloupe

Home Cooking Recipe: Cantaloupe


This dish was read with Wenyi, and it was only done three or five times before and after. Every time it was a family feast for friends, I really couldn’t think of it. It's not as popular as the green peppers and potatoes, and it's not like the potato roast beef. It's no wonder that you can't remember it on weekdays. However, at the feast at home, putting it on a beautiful and compact plate and serving it on the table, it really makes people shine. Do the appetizer? After people tasted it, the aftertaste was endless. Everyone curiously discussed what it was, the taste was so novel, and then they were full of expectations for the dishes that appeared in succession. Do desserts after meals? Fresh and greasy, but it can also be noticed by the hostess after the big fish.



  1. Peeled shredded pear after washing

  2. Cucumber is also shredded

  3. The fruit skin is also cut into thin rolls.

  4. Put the pear and cucumber silk together in a large bowl

  5. Pour in honey and mix well with chopsticks

  6. Finally, sprinkle with the fruit peel before mixing.


1. Pear can be used with any pear, but the water is more delicious. After peeling, cut the wafer from the bottom and cut the wire to cut the beautiful filament. 2, cucumber can be peeled and then shredded, but not peeling the whole dish looks a bit green and enjoy 3, Guodanpi is recommended to join before the final loading, otherwise the soft rotten will be beautiful.

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