Recipe: Candied yam

Home Cooking Recipe: Candied yam



  1. Yam washed and peeled, cut into pieces, soaked in water for ten minutes, soaked twice, and fished out with kitchen paper to absorb water, so that it is non-stick when fried.

  2. Put the fried yam, the oil is hot (mother, the chopsticks are frothed around the oil), put the yam fried, and fry until the skin is golden.

  3. Put the oil out of the clean hot pot (do not turn off the fire), then put the sugar, the proportion see the dosage, continue to stir with the chopsticks, until the chopsticks can be slashed quickly into the fried yam, how can the wire be focused on this: Stir-fry the spoon so that the sugar is evenly wrapped in the yam instead of stirring.

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