Recipe: Caesar bread - Panasonic bread machine 105 version (France T65 flour)

Home Cooking Recipe: Caesar bread - Panasonic bread machine 105 version (France T65 flour)


Caesar bread was originally a petal-shaped bun, but there was no time to shape and wait for fermentation at night, so I could only use the breadmaker to taste the taste and taste. Procedure 5 French Bread Program



  1. On the first day, the raw materials in the dough are moderately stirred until they are agglomerated and the surface is smooth. The container is placed in an oiled container, and the plastic wrap is covered and fermented at room temperature. After the volume is 1.5 times the original volume, gently vent the refrigerator and store it for more than one night.

  2. The next day, the medium-sized dough that was torn into small pieces was warmed at room temperature for 1 hour, and then placed in the bread bucket with the raw materials other than yeast in the main dough. The yeast was placed on the yeast hole, and the procedure 5 French bread program was selected. Good time, let the bread machine do the work behind.

  3. After the bread machine snorted, take out the bread bucket, immediately pull it out on the baking net, and evenly brush a layer of melted butter on the surface.

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