Recipe: Cabbage tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Cabbage tofu soup



  1. The cabbage is washed and cut into sections; the tofu is cut into 2 cm square pieces; the cuttlefish balls, bamboo wheels and fish tofu are thawed.

  2. Put a proper amount of cold water in the pot, add the onion, boil

  3. Put the squid balls, bamboo wheels, and fish tofu into the pot for about two or three minutes, then add the cabbage and tofu, add a little salt, boil over low heat, simmer for five minutes.

  4. Into the bowl, a little sesame oil can be eaten


This cabbage tofu soup is moderately salty. It can be said that it avoids the excessive lightness of boiled cabbage tofu and maintains the healthy color of cabbage tofu soup. Fish balls and shrimp balls can be added or subtracted according to personal preference or other types, and seaweed and shrimp can be added at will. In addition, the shrimp and crab sticks have a salty taste, and the salt is added. It is simple and convenient to do, and it can warm a whole winter~

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