Recipe: Cabbage shredded rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Cabbage shredded rice cake


#找的味道的味道# The winter in the south is always very difficult. When I was young, the memories of winter always wear thick clothes around the table to eat all kinds of steaming food. The cabbage shredded rice cake is the mother's favorite to do. The soft-scented rice cake is accompanied by the warmth of the cabbage and the warmth of the shredded pork. The simple method gives us great comfort in the winter, whether it is the stomach, the body or the soul. When I was young, my mother was always very busy. I had to go to work to take care of my family. I always felt that my mother was a superman and everything was arranged properly. The family is always clean, and the three meals a day are always on the way. My father and I always wear the body. In the winter, my mother will prepare a lot of winter ingredients in advance. Rice cakes and yellow sprouts are always essential. Rice cakes are always in the clear water, and the cabbage is kept on the balcony. With these two dishes, you can change a lot of patterns, stewed, boiled, fried, and delicious. The rice cake in the north is very different from the rice cake in the south. I always can't eat the familiar taste when I was a child, so I always miss the steaming taste of my childhood and miss my mother's busy figure. Many of the dishes I am doing now are all when I was a child, and many of them were made for me when I was a child. Perhaps this is also a kind of inheritance. The culture, temperament and taste of each family are slowly inherited in this dish. Every time I follow the memory, every dish will always remind me of my mother's cooking when I was young. It will always be very embarrassing and moving. As time goes by, my parents are getting old, we are growing up, and the taste in those memories is getting stronger.



  1. Wash the cabbage and cut into long strips of fingers; cut the tenderloin into silk, pour in the rice wine, salt, and starch, and marinate for a while; the rice cake is soaked in cold water for a while.

  2. From the oil pan, wait until the oil is 7 minutes hot, pour in the marinated instant shredded pork, stir fry and then rise.

  3. Heat the remaining oil, pour in the cabbage section, stir fry until soft, pour in the appropriate amount of warm water. After the fire is boiled, pour in the pork and rice cake. Slowly cook until the rice cake is soft.

  4. If you like the soup is thick, you can finally add a little water starch and stir until the soup is thick.


If you have some yellow, you can put it more properly, it will be more fragrant.

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