Recipe: Cabbage meatballs stewed tofu Taji pot version

Home Cooking Recipe: Cabbage meatballs stewed tofu Taji pot version


It is the happiest and happy thing to have a meal with colleagues at night. Especially in winter. So I sacrificed my kitchen artifact - Taji pot!



  1. The cabbage is sliced ​​into pieces, which are cut vertically and divided into two pieces on average. Cut the oblique knife again. 2-3 cm

  2. Tofu cut into small pieces

  3. Just take some meatballs, what kind of meatballs, what meatballs, fish balls, etc.

  4. Taji pot is washed and placed

  5. Pour some oil, heat the chopped green on a small fire, and find a wooden shovel to pull it until there is a chopped green onion. Then throw the cabbage into it and turn it over. Add water, add thick soup (a small fingertip amount) how much soup you want, how much water to add. Although the Taji pot will make the food out of the water, if you like to eat the stew, and hope that the soup is more, add a little more. It is not enough to rely on the cabbage itself.

  6. After the fire is boiled, turn to a small fire, sprinkle the tofu evenly on the cabbage, and finally order the meatballs. Cover the lid for 15 minutes


The soup is still very good, so add more water.

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