Recipe: Cabbage Meatballs Fan Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Cabbage Meatballs Fan Soup


This dish is a very traditional northern dish in winter. When I was a child, my mother often gave us food. Going home from school and drinking a bowl of cabbage meatballs, it’s a happy death~~



  1. First add a little salt to the meat, chicken, sesame oil, soy sauce, stir well and marinate for ten minutes.

  2. Add water to the pot, add onion ginger and garlic, and boil the pepper. After boiling, use a spoon to dig the minced meat into the size of the spoon, and put it directly into the pot.

  3. Turn to a small fire for two minutes, turn the fire, then put a fan into it, put the cabbage into it after twenty seconds, turn the pot and turn to a small fire

  4. Cover the lid for about a minute, sprinkle with black pepper and mix well, OK~~


This soup is relatively light, but the emphasis is on the original. In addition, the most important thing about this soup is to finally sprinkle some pepper powder, and a little more spicy in the light ~~

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