Recipe: Cabbage ham salted cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Cabbage ham salted cake


Simple and fast, no need to send ~ very suitable for families who can not eat sweets, as an energy breakfast is also a good choice ~ must be just baked, just touch it when you sway and eat! Golden color, slightly crisp outside, internal soft sister, vegetable ham accompanied by the smell of cheese, you will love it! note! Be sure to eat hot! Cold eating flavor will be reduced by half ~ Fangzi transferred from voce, there is a large change in the amount of 8*17*6 pound cake mold



  1. Cabbage, shredded, ham, diced, diced onion

  2. Add a little oil to the pot, add the onion to the fragrant, add the ham and cabbage, stir until the cabbage becomes soft, add salt, black pepper to taste, turn off the fire

  3. 2 eggs are scattered, add oil and mix evenly

  4. Add the fried vegetables, add the cheese and mix well.

  5. Sift in flour and baking powder, mix well

  6. Baking paper in the mold, baked at 180 degrees for 30 minutes, if not colored, increase the temperature to the surface golden fragile

  7. Take out the mold and eat it hot


1. Mix the oil and eggs evenly, so as to avoid the layering of the finished product. 2. Eat hot, eat less than half the flavor of the cold. 3. Bake the surface to a crispy taste. 4. Use a small mold with a slender and deep depth to ensure the surface crack.

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