Recipe: Burdock papaya soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Burdock papaya soup


This soup is what I took out, hehe! No use of pork, but beef, because it is more nutritious and iron! The effect of papaya: Papaya warm, sour, into the liver, spleen; with digestion, deworming, heat, hurricane effect; attending stomach pain, indigestion, lung heat dry cough, breast milk, eczema, parasitic disease, hand and ankle pain .



  1. Green papaya cut in half, seeded and peeled; cut into large pieces

  2. Cut the burdock into chunks, simmer in the cold water and simmer the blood; peanuts and Xinhui tangerine peel in advance

  3. Boil the boiled water, boil the sirloin, green papaya, peanuts, dried tangerine peel and ginger slices after boiling; once boiled again, turn to low heat for about two hours to add salt to taste.


It is better to use green papaya to make milk than cooked papaya!

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