Recipe: Bruschetta (bruschetta)

Home Cooking Recipe: Bruschetta (bruschetta)


This is an easy-to-cook and appetizing starter in Italian cuisine, and the ingredients on the bread can be changed according to your preference.



  1. Sliced ​​French bacon (about 2-3cm thick), butter on both sides.

  2. Put the buttered slices of bread into the oven or pan and bake until the surface is golden

  3. Tomato diced, chopped basil leaves, according to personal taste, add balsamic, olive oil, fine salt and black pepper, mix well

  4. Finally, the tomatoes marinated in the vinaigrette are placed on the toasted bread slices, and the traditional Bruschetta is finished.


If you don't have fresh basil leaves, you can use dried basil leaves from the supermarket, but the aroma is a little worse than fresh basil.

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