Recipe: Brownie

Home Cooking Recipe: Brownie


I especially love chocolate~~~嘿嘿! This is the brownie I made.



  1. Prepare three live bottom baking trays, scatter the eggs and sieve them for use. The cocoa powder and low-grade flour and fine powdered sugar are sieved separately for use.

  2. 85g of butter, 150g of dark chocolate, and 45ml of milk can be heated and stirred into a liquid state.

  3. Add 1.25 ml of salt, 2.5 ml of vanilla extract, 50 g of fine powdered sugar and beaten eggs in a liquid state and mix well with an egg beater.

  4. Put the sieved low-grade flour and cocoa powder, and continue to mix with a whisk to form a batter.

  5. Pour the batter into three baking pans, preheat the oven up and down 170 degrees, and bake for 13 minutes to remove the cooling.

  6. Take a bowl and pour 15ml of rum, 75g of water and 5g of fine powdered sugar to make rum syrup.

  7. Then take another bowl and make the remaining dark chocolate 60g, milk 30g and butter 15g into a chocolate slurry and mix well.

  8. Made of chocolate cream, put 80g of dark chocolate, 200g of base cream, 10g of rum and 20g of milk in a bowl and mix it evenly and put it in 200g.

  9. Slice the fruit for use, fry the walnuts and cook the pellets.

  10. After all the ingredients are done, the cake has cooled down, take a piece on the flat surface, brush the surface with rum syrup, wait 2 minutes, then brush the side with chocolate cream; cover the second cake, use rum syrup Brush one side of the surface, wait 2 minutes, then brush with a chocolate cream; cover the third cake, brush the surface with rum syrup, wait 2 minutes, then brush with a chocolate cream.

  11. Pour the chocolate on top of the finished cake, put the fruit and walnuts on, and put the cake in the refrigerator for 4 hours or one night.


Everyone can make a cake body, lazy people can pay attention to Ha!

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